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brushing hair

Have you ever noticed how many brushes your stylist has in the drawers of her salon station? From the time you sit in the chair to the moment you get up, it seems like they’ve used more brushes than you’ve owned in your lifetime. If you’re wondering why stylists have so many brushes or how they know when to use which one, you’re not alone. To get you the hair brush answers you’re looking for, we reached out to a few pros who let us in on a few insider secrets—the first secret being that there are five must-have brushes which can lead any girl to the perfect hair day.

Wide Tooth Comb

Okay, so it’s not exactly a brush but c’mon, ladies, it’s an asset to styling any and every hair type. If you don’t have one, we can guarantee that either your mother, daughter, or friend has an extra one, as those are usually sold in packs of multiples. If for some strange reason you can’t seem to find one, they can be found at just about any pharmacy, beauty shop, or department store nowadays. The wide tooth comb is an essential when it comes to detangling and removing knots, and the best part is it does this without damaging your hair. Plus, you can use this comb for all kinds of scenarios, from evenly dispersing your conditioner in the shower, to detangling your hair after getting out of the pool or ocean, or simply ridding your hair of knots after the shower.

paddle brush

Paddle Brush

Not only is this a must-have, but it’s also the most purchased hair brush—nice decision, girls! So, the reason the paddle brush is so essential is because—like the wide tooth comb—it’s a great detangler, not just on wet hair, but on dry hair, too! Additionally, the paddle brush does a phenomenal job of straightening the roots of your hair, and even taming static.

Teasing Brush

This may seem like one of those old-fashioned beauty tools that your mom and grandma used, but if you give this brush a chance you’ll totally understand why women have loved this brush for years. In fact, there are some women who love their teasing brush so much that they keep one on their vanity and one in their purse. So, what’s makes this brush so great? Teasing brushes are designed with a fraction of bristles compared to a regular brush, as well as a long and pointed handle. The long end is great when separating your hair into sections and the tightly compressed bristles tease your hair gorgeously.

Round/Barrel Brush

Round/Barrel Brush

Round or barrel brushes (also referred to as radical brushes) are exactly as the name suggests; they are completely cylindrical with bristles covering the entire surface. This brush is best used with a blow dryer and, when used properly, can be used to amp up the volume at the base of the scalp, and even create loose curls. Additionally, the round brush is a great tool to style bangs and side bangs.

Smoothing Brush

Very similar to a paddle brush, a smoothing brush is in the shape of an oval, with a mix of nylon and boar bristles placed evenly throughout the cushion. The brush works by massaging the scalp and pulling the natural oils down the hair shaft. This brush can come in extra handy during those cold, static-y hair months!

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blow drying

In today’s world, blow drying your hair is just one of those inevitable things that you’ll have to do at one point or another. For some of you, blow drying is just another part of your daily routine. Of course, others of you may have honed in on the perfect routine that always lets you to skip this heat tool—at least part of the time. No matter where you fall on this frequency of blow drying spectrum, we can almost guarantee you’re making a few mistakes. Sorry! Surely you know that we wouldn’t call you on your wrongs if we weren’t going to follow up with a few suggestions on how to make some changes. So, go on, read through the tips below to properly, safely, and effectively blow dry your locks!

Dry Before You Blow Dry

Many women have made a habit of blow drying their hair when it’s dripping wet. If this is you, stop! Your hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, so blasting heat on it isn’t the best idea. Instead, allow your hair to towel dry, then use a comb to detangle—by now you’ll notice that the ends of your hair are already drying up. At this point, you have the OK to use your blow dryer.

applying product

Apply the Appropriate Products

There are so many pre-blow drying products on the market today, it’s your job to determine which is the best for you and how to use it properly. The one product that everyone should be incorporating into their hairstyling regimen is a leave-in conditioner. Leave-ins are formulated specifically to be absorbed into the hair shaft (whereas traditional conditioner is designed to be rinsed out). A good leave-in should offer a detangling agent and heat protection at the very least.

Read the Rules

So you’re applying the appropriate products, but are you applying the products appropriately? Many products are activated by the heat from the blow dryer, but if you’re not applying them properly then they can’t do their job. For instance, when applying a volumizing mousse, it should be applied at the root. Then, for best results, you should blow dry with a round brush.

blow dryer

Attach Those Fancy Attachments

Just about every blow dryer comes equipped with one or two attachments, but very rarely do women use them. They’re included for a reason, ladies! Use them! The two most popular attachments are a narrow nozzle and a diffuser. The narrow nozzle, sometimes called a concentrator nozzle, is optimal for gaining control of the air flow during styling. Additionally, because it’s a narrower space for the air to escape from, the air naturally blows faster and stronger. If you’re someone who uses a brush with your blow dryer to create a sleek and shiny look, you would benefit by using this attachment.  The diffuser attachment, on the other hand, is best meant for those who have naturally curly hair that they want to enhance. To use the diffuser, flip your head upside down, then gather a section of curls and place them onto the spikes of the attachment. Next, lift the blow dryer up until the handful of curls and attachment are touching your roots. Stay there for a few moments, then let the curls fall and move onto the next section.

Now that you have all these tips, we wish you a happy blow drying session!

Mar 10, 2017 7:04:21 AM By Herstyler Blog blow drying, blow dryer, hair tips, Haircuts & hairstyles,


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran to coloring your hair or you’re ready to take your hair’s color chemical-virginity, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Below you will find a few essentials that you should know before coloring your hair for the first time as well as the fifteenth time.

The Consultation is Worth the Time

It may seem redundant to schedule a consultation with a stylist ahead of time—you may be thinking that you’ll just let the stylist know what you want when you sit in the chair at the start of the appointment and it will be smooth sailing from there, right? Wrong! If you’ve never had your hair colored before or if you’re thinking of trying a whole new color, scheduling a consult is the best way for you and your stylist to develop a line of communication. This is the perfect time for you to explain exactly what you want, and for them to assess your hair and determine the best way to go about it. A consult appointment will only take a few minutes, but will prepare your expectations, which is a much better scenario than finding out that you can’t go from chocolate brown to ash blonde in one sitting.

Your Color Will Fade

Whether your stylist uses a permanent or semi-permanent color, your shade will inevitably fade—or lose its luster, at the very least—at some point. As for those who are highlighting or bleaching your locks, your hair will get brassy. There are all kinds of things that cause a color to change its shade. It can be anything from the hardness of your shower water, the amount of time you spend in the sun, the shampoo and conditioner your use, how frequently you shower or swim, and the list goes on and on! The point is that when your hair does fade or get brassy, don’t be surprised. The number one thing you can do to benefit the color is use products that are formulated for colored hair. If you have blonde hair, get yourself a quality toning shampoo and follow with a repairing conditioner.  

You’ll Need to Get Touch-Ups

Regardless of -how fast you think your hair does or doesn’t grow, we promise that you’ll be due for a touch-up every 6-10 weeks, or so. It all depends on the difference between your natural color and the dyed hair color, or the style you’re going for. If you already know that you don’t have time for a routine color appointment, it may be in your best interest to choose a color that’s close to your natural or go for an ombré style. If you’re concerned or unsure about the new growth, you should absolutely bring it up to your stylist during your consultation.

Don’t Worry About the Cleanliness of Your Hair

A lot of women are adamant about washing their hair a few hours before their appointment—the thought being that showing up at your appointment with dirty hair would be like going to the dentist without brushing your teeth first. However, colorists don’t see it this way, in fact, it is often preferred to a client to show up with dirty hair because it can aid in the absorption of the color.  

Mar 3, 2017 7:03:48 AM By Herstyler Blog hair coloring, hair tips, Haircuts & hairstyles,

retro woman

Have you ever looked at pictures of your mom when she was your age and commented—maybe even laughed—at her hairstyle in the photo? If you’re lucky (and your family is the sentimental type), you may have even seen pictures of your grandparents’ hairstyles, and possibly even their grandparents’ hairdos. So, you’ve seen the “artifacts”, but have you ever actually taken a moment and wondered where or when this all started? Taking into consideration the extreme importance we put on hair styling and cutting, it’s surprising how little most us know about the history of hairdressing. It may seem like we’ve come a long way from trending hairstyles of the 70’s or 30’s, but this wasn’t even the start. Read on as we take you through time and learn how it all began.

1500 BC

It’s believed that the appreciation of hair started thousands and thousands of years ago in the Egyptian civilizations. If you’re a history buff, you’ll recall how accomplished the Egyptians were for their time, so we’re not surprised that they were styling and accessorizing their locks. Experts believe that, like us today, Egyptians used henna to cover gray strands. Beyond that, we have found artifacts which lead us to the conclusion that this ancient civilization was braiding, beading, and accessorizing their hair, too!

Greek woman

775 BC

A few generations later, women in both Greek and Roman Empires used a multitude of plant extracts to color their hair and, according to historians, they should be credited for the creation of permanent black hair dye! Their original concoction made people ill which lead them to change the formula. Their new, non-toxic permanent black hair color was made with leeches that fermented in lead vessels for two plus months.

300 BC

Towards the end of the Roman Empire prostitutes were expected to have yellow hair (what we call “blonde” today), as this was an indication of their occupation. While some chose to sport wigs, others lightened their locks by applying a concoction made of burned plant ashes and/or nuts. By this time, other ancient civilizations (i.e., the Gaul, the Saxons) were coloring their hair all kinds of bright shades in demonstration of their rank while intimidating opponents during battle.

500 AD

The Dark Ages were the first to document natural red hair—which they thought to be a genetic mutation. Until about 1500 AD, those born with red locks were suspected of witchcraft—that is until Queen Elizabeth took her reign; it was then that society began to accept natural red-heads.


One might say that the pain and beauty correlation that women joke about today started in the Renaissance Era. Apparently, upper-class women of the time would routinely pluck their hairline to present themselves with higher forehead. At that time, the bigger the forehead, the higher-up you were in society.


It’s not until the nineteenth century when an English chemist, William Henry Perkin, accidently created synthesized dye while trying to formulate a cure for Malaria. Not long after, Perkin’s chemistry professor, August Hoffman, derived the color-changing molecule from Perkin’s formula. That molecule, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), is the foundation for many permanent hair dyes to this day.

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main image hat

There are a few essential things that every woman needs to get by: a reliable support system, a hobby, a multi-purpose hydrating oil, and a hat. Hats are great, right? They shield you from the sun, can take care of bad hair days in just seconds, not to mention they make a cute accessory. Maybe you’ve wound up here because you already know how fab hats are and you want some inspiration to grow your collection, or perhaps you’re looking for a new spring accessory and wanted to try out a hat. Whatever the reason, we know you’ll find something you like in the list below which entails the most popular hats for women (and how to wear them, for all you hat newbies)!

big floppy hat

Big and Floppy Hat

The big-brimmed style hat is something that’s been around for years and it’s particularly popular at beach-side shops. As of late, this floppy style has merged into the high fashion world and we’re loving it! Aside from keeping the sun off your face, neck, and chest, this big-brimmed hat is best worn as the focal point of an outfit, as it tends to draw eyes easily. Pair the floppy accessory with a simple midi dress and matching shoes for an outdoor wedding or similar banquet event.

baseball cap

Baseball Cap

Every woman should own at least one baseball cap—it’s an American must-have. The best thing about baseball caps is that they literally fit all face shapes and head sizes—oh, and give you the ultimate girl-next-door look. Whether you’re representing your home team by pairing the hat with a plain tee and leggings when running errands, or flaunting a solid-colored cap to hide the fact that you woke up late, a baseball cap is never the wrong choice.

fedora hat


This traditional hat is so versatile that anyone can pull it off with little to no effort required. This simple hat looks great atop a head of loose curls and it pairs perfectly with a low-riding messy bun. Almost every woman can incorporate a fedora into their personal style; whether it’s worn with a sundress while you walk along the beach, or paired with your favorite jeans and a loose-fitting tank, this hat never fails.

beanie hat


Okay, spring might be weeks away, but it’s still cold enough to rock the hat that’s been around practically forever. Women love the no-hassle look that a beanie adds and the extra warmth that it provides on those chilly days. Beanies can be found in a variety of colors and textures, but it you’re just starting to experiment with hats, we suggest a neutral color in a classic knit—we promise it won’t seem as static-y as when you were a kid! Pair a beanie with skinny jeans and a tee for a semi-polished look. If you’re trying to achieve the ultimate laidback look, use a beanie to accessorize your favorite leggings and sweatshirt.



Of all the hats mentioned, the beret is the least functional. However, it makes a great accessory! These hats are like beanies in that they are manufactured in some sort of a knit fashion, the difference being that they are much slouchier. That said, they make a super cute accessory in the spring and fall seasons, as they aren’t too warm on your head due to the open stitching pattern. This hat goes great with all face shapes and hair textures so, if you haven’t already, you must try this hat for yourself. Pair it with a cozy cardigan or even a jean jacket.

Feb 17, 2017 1:41:20 PM By Herstyler Blog hats, hair accessories, Accessories,

Brushing your hair is pretty straight forward, right? Wrong! If you’ve been brushing your hair the same way since you were in pre-k, it may be time to re-evaluate your brushing technique. As little girls—even as young women—we pull a brush through snarly strands in a completely unsystematic manner. After a few minutes of doing so, knots and snarls that were once in your strands are now gone, which means that—no matter how haphazard—your brushing method got the job done. While you might have grasped the four-stranded Dutch braid and mastered the clipless curling wand, now it’s time to relearn the basics. That’s right—the below tips and tricks are the essentials you need to properly brush your hair from now on.

hair brushes

All Brushes are NOT Created Equal

Contrary to popular belief, brushes are not made in a one-size-fits-all fashion; different brushes are developed for different hair types. By choosing the right brush style for your hair type, you will be enhancing and ensuring the resiliency of your hair. A paddle brush, on the other hand, has been proven as the one brush that is beneficial for all hair types; the bristles are a bit thicker but spread far apart, which makes it gentle on delicate strands, while still effectively detangling.

brushing hair bottom

Begin at the Bottom

Naturally we begin brushing our hair at the top of our scalp and pull the bristles down the shaft of the hair to the ends of each strand. The problem here: it’s all wrong. Instead, you should begin brushing your hair at the lower half of the stands. This way you can address the tangles at the bottom (where they tend to gather the most) without compacting them together, as you would if you were to pull the brush down from root to tip. Get the most out of this method by using your fingers to separate your hair into a few horizontal sections. Then brush through one section at a time, starting with the bottom half.

brushing hair roots

Take Advantage of Your Natural Defense

As you know, the scalp produces natural oils through the sebum glands. While some people may do all they can to ward off an oily scalp, these natural oils are extra healthy for your strands. Naturally, the oils tend to localize at the top of the scalp, but you can help the rest of your hair reap the healthy benefits, too. After you’ve detangled your hair from the bottom up, make a few long stokes from your roots down to the ends.

Stop Brushing When Wet

Somewhere along the lines, we were told to brush post-shower wet hair. Let this be your final reminder that you should never brush your hair when it’s soaking wet. Brushing wet hair leads to weak and broken strands—that snapping you hear when brushing wet hair, that’s your hair breaking right then and there. Instead, apply a leave-in conditioner (preferably with a detangling agent) and let your hair air dry while you get ready. When you notice that your once-wet hair feels mostly dry, use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush designed for wet hair to work through the tangles.

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There are great opportunities to celebrate love and friendship each and every day. However, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to express all those feelings in an extra special way. That goes along with your look. If you’re not quite sure how to get ready for the occasion (whether if you’re with friends or on a date), allow us to court you with some suggestions that will spice up your style. 

Give Some Loving Care to Your Tresses

Hair care is something that should be part of your daily beauty routine, but a busy schedule can take your time away from it. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse not only to look even more gorgeous, but to resume your hair care routine as well. Start by using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair care needs and deep condition with a hair mask. Also, choose hair products that can help you protect and style your locks, depending on the hairstyle you want to create: serum, heat protectant, mousse, styling cream, gel, among others.

Valentine's Day

Embrace Love with a Romantic Hairstyle

Because Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of sweetness and affection, your hairstyle should reflect that as well. A romantic hairdo can make you look sweeter and prepare you for Cupid’s bow. You can try a low bun, curls, braids (for example, a side or crown braid), or waves (relaxed, retro, or glossy). In addition, you can get inspired by hairstyles of iconic romantic characters from movies, like Claire Danes’ half-up braided crown in Romeo + Juliet.

Add More Romance with Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to compliment your hairstyle and bring more attention to your tresses. To create a romantic aura, you can wear a flower (the perfect flowers for this occasion are gardenias, peonies, or orchids) with a bun or loose hair, barrettes with delicate designs and rhinestones, or jeweled headbands.

Valentine's Day lipstick

Finish Your Look with Passionate Details

To complete your Valentine’s Day hairstyle, you can add other details that will make your whole look unforgettable and enchanting. Start by moisturizing your skin and keep your makeup light and glowing, but add a touch of color with passion red or sweet pink to bring attention to your lips and match with the Valentine’s shades. Pick a short, cocktail dress for an elegant, yet not so formal look (a touch of lace always helps when it comes to romance), and a pair of stud earrings with rhinestones for some shine. Finish it up with a spritz of a perfume that contains floral tones. 

We hope that we have enamored you with our beauty routine proposals. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll look ravishing and everyone will fall under your spell!

It’s likely that, at some point, you have asked your hairdresser to give volume to your hair because you may have felt like it looked flat or thin. Also, you might’ve wondered how to create that volume yourself. To help you with that, we have prepared the following suggestions to achieve voluminous and unforgettable locks. Get ready to crank up the volume!

hair rollers

Lift Your Hair Roots

Lifting your roots is one way to make hair look thicker. Start by applying mousse or volumizing product on your damp hair. Hold each section of hair and set your brush at the roots (in the same way that you would place a roller). Then, pass the section to the other side and blow dry it. Other ways to boost your roots are using hot rollers (always on dry hair) and teasing (from the crown of your head, separate a single section of hair, comb it from the ends towards the scalp, and pass your fingertips through to soften any stiff strands).

hair flip

Flip Your Part

Always parting your hair to the same side may seem like the most natural thing in the world. However, after a while of doing it the same way, the hair in that area will lie more flat. A part flip is an instant way to give volume to your hair, while refreshing your look at the same time. After parting your hair in the opposite direction, mist some hairspray on that area to get more height and hold.

hair coloring

Add Some Color to Your Hair

Coloring your hair is a classic makeover idea, but it’s also a great way to make your hair more voluminous. A bit of bleach creates body and gives texture to the tresses. You can either change your color completely or just add some highlights, which also create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. However, avoid an excessive use of bleach, since it can lead to hair breakage.

round hair brush

Use the Right Hair Brush

Hair brushes play a big role in styling and volumizing the hair, which is why you need a high-quality brush that is fit for the job. In this case, round brushes are the best ones for getting lots of volume. To begin with, opt for brushes made with flexible nylon or natural boar bristle to avoid overheating. Then, determine your hair’s needs so you can wisely choose the barrel size to create the desired look. If your hair is short or if you have bangs, you’ll need a smaller round brush, since larger ones straighten short locks. Meanwhile, if you have long hair, choose a bigger barrel to get the maximum volume.

hair salon

Get a Haircut with Volume

Usually, one length haircuts look heavy, flat, and fine—especially on long hair. For weightless and volumized tresses, it is recommended to get a medium or short length haircut. Another option is a layered cut, which gives volume and bounce to the hair’s texture.

Now that you have all these suggestions, dare to turn up the volume on your style!

Jan 25, 2017 7:14:25 AM By Herstyler Blog hair volume, volumizing hair, hair tips, hairstyles, Haircuts & hairstyles,

redhead with book

Throughout history, hair has been an important part of society. Hair is often associated with romance and sensuality, which makes it a great source of inspiration for artists. Many poets have mused and written their feelings about the beauty and delight that a woman’s tresses bring to their hearts. You’ll understand the feeling once you’ve read a few of our favorite poem fragments:

“Her Hair”, Charles Baudelaire

I shall plunge my head in love with intoxication

Into that black ocean where she is enclosed;

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For a long time! forever! my hand in your heavy mane

Will sow rubies, pearls and sapphires,

So that you will never be deaf to my desire!

This poem from the classic book The Flowers of Evil is a true, magnificent ode to hair. In it, the narrative voice praises the many pleasant feelings caused by the features of his lover’s “black ocean” or abundant dark locks, which are deliciously intoxicating to him. In fact, he’s so captivated by them that he’s even willing to sow rubies, pearls, and sapphires into her hair. Because of the alluring imagery in that verse, we’re guessing that you’re already dreaming of someone who can style your hair like that.

“Sonnet XIV”, Pablo Neruda

I don’t have time enough to celebrate your hair.

One by one, I should detail your hairs and praise them.

Other lovers want to live with particular eyes;

I only want to be your stylist.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Don’t let me wander lost - without your hair -

through the dark world, webbed by empty

roads with their shadows, their roving sorrows,

till the sun rises, lighting the high tower of your hair.

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is one of the most romantic poets not only of Latin America, but of the rest of the world as well, which is why it’s no surprise that he would devote a poem to hair. Here, the narrative voice describes how time is not enough to celebrate the beauty of his lover’s locks. The love and desire for them is so strong that, later in the poem, he asks his lover to not let him wandering lost without her hair “through the dark world”. With such lovely words we would love him to be our stylist, indeed!

“Braid the Raven Hair”, William Schwenck Gilbert

Braid the raven hair,

Weave the supple tress,

Deck the maiden fair

In her loveliness.

For a bride, one of the most important details of her wedding look is her hair. In Gilbert’s poem, a brief account is made of a bride who’s about to get ready for her big day. The poem starts precisely with a mention of the hairstyle that she will wear: a braid on her raven black and supple hair. Wedding hairstyle idea, anyone?

“To Amarantha, That She Would Dishevel Her Hair”, Richard Lovelace

AMARANTHA sweet and fair,

Ah, braid no more that shining hair!

As my curious hand or eye

Hovering round thee, let it fly!

While in the previous poem the narrative voice asks a woman to braid her hair for her wedding, in this one it’s the opposite. Here, the poet asks a woman, Amarantha, to stop braiding her hair and to set it free instead, since he finds beauty in the freedom of tousled hair. We don’t blame him, since loose hair can be such a refreshing and romantic look!

With all these sublime descriptions, we’re sure you’re now inspired not only to read poetry, but to make your hair even more gorgeous. You never know if one day you’ll inspire someone with your ravishing locks and end up becoming a poem yourself!

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The holiday season is a time for shining lights, hot chocolate with your beloved ones, and lots of magical moments. This season brings office parties and family gatherings, which means that it’s another great opportunity to become a shining light yourself. Because we know that deciding what to do with your hair during the festivities can be somewhat challenging, here you’ll find a list of options to get you inspired. So grab your hair tools and get ready to shine!



If you usually put your hair down and want to look different and more classic, then braids are a great option. There are many types of them, but for the holiday season we recommend the more classical versions: two braids with a middle part, French, milkmaid, regular three-strand, or a side braid. Regardless of the braid type that you’ll choose, follow these basic steps for better results: brush your hair to get rid of tangles, divide your hair into equal sections, and secure your hair at the end with a thin hair tie. Make sure that it’s a quality tie to avoid hair breakage.

high ponytail

High Ponytail

This is another way to change your look if you usually wear your hair down. Plus, it’s very practical and sexy if you’re going to be dancing the night away at a New Year’s Eve party. To achieve this look, you first need to add texture to your tresses with some hairspray, which will allow your ponytail to stay in place. Then, make sure to pull your hair up and not back. While holding the ponytail with one hand, use the other one to brush the bumps. To finish, tie it up with a hair tie and voilà: you’re ready to party!

side part

Glamorous Side Part

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, or straight, the side part will make you look more sophisticated and femme fatale. However, with wavy hair you can have a more classic and holiday party look. For this hairstyle, you’ll need to use hot rollers. Once you remove them, place the tip of your comb on your eyebrow’s arch and create the side part using the arch as a guideline. Run your fingers through your hair and then set the waves with some hairspray.

top hair bun

Classic Top Bun   

This hairstyle is perfect for a more formal look. To achieve it, follow the previously mentioned steps for the high ponytail. Remember that the higher the ponytail, the better. After following those steps, give a couple of light twists to the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Pin it down with some bobby pins and finish with some hairspray so the bun will stay in place.

jeweled headbands

Big Jeweled Headband

If you don’t want to invest too much time in a hairstyle or if you’re on the run, a big headband covered in jewels will do the trick. You can wear it with your hair down, or with a messy low or medium hair bun. You’ll be ready and in full bright holiday spirit in just a couple of minutes!

slicked back hair

Slicked Back Hair

This sexy hairstyle looks good either in a low ponytail or with your hair down. To get the wet look, apply mousse on your damp hair and run it through your head’s crown. Let your hair to mostly air-dry and then blow dry it with a brush by pulling your locks straight at the root. Then, blow dry the ends to straighten them. Finally, bring your hair to the back of your head to finish and get the slicked back look. After that, brush your hair with a paddle brush to smooth it out and push it up for some volume. Finish with some long-hold hairspray and brush your tresses.

Now that you have our suggestions, glam yourself up and impress everyone with your gorgeous and full-of-holiday-cheer look. Happy Holidays!

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