Colorful Seasons 7

Our Colorful Seasons Cermaic Straightner is the ideal fashion product based on our Classic Forever Ceramic straightener.

Colorful Seasons features 100% ceramic plates available in 5 fashionable colors.

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$79.05 tax excl.

Colorful Seasons is the ideal fashion product based on our Classic Forever Ceramic straightener.

Solid ceramic plates guarantee fast and smooth straightening results without pulling or breaking hair.

Hair will be three times smoother and silkier than with ordinary ceramic straightening irons.

Our ceramic plates generate six times more energy than an ordinary ceramic straightening iron

Negative ions renew your hair's natural softness and shine while eliminating frizziness

Ultra-light: The body of the straightener is constructed using light-weight, high-strength composite materials, commonly used in the aerospace industry.

Ultra-fast: Achieve the desired temperature in less than 25 seconds (half the time of conventional models). This in turn saves electricity and prolongs the lifespan of the product. On/Off switch on the temperature control thermostat.

Hotter and more consistent heat on all adjustable temperature settings

Adjustable temperature controls suitable for every hair type (240°C/460°F, 120°C/200°F). Ergonomic design making it more comfortable to use.

One year manufacturer's warranty.

Free shipping.


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2012-02-15 Zinnia .... I'm from Bridgeport,CT i adore this flat-iron because it works well with people who have NATURAL HAIR and gives it a long lasting SHINE as well, but they say it doesnt pull your hair and it does. Thats my only problem!!
2012-02-08 Mischel .... Purchased my flat iron today and came right home to use it. I am so pleased with the way my hair turned out! I had been using another popular and rather pricey flat iron that pulled at my hair when I used it. It also burned my hair because the temperature could not be controlled. I am so happy with this product and highly recommend it!!
2012-01-29 Dina .... My mom bought me this iron today, and I am completely upsessed it irons ur hair so fast and easy and also gives curls.
2012-01-25 Vonnie .... i'm so in love with this!!! i was at sam's club and the gave me a demo, granted that i had just curled my hair that sunday morning. i'm not a person who will just buy things off a table, but i thought to give it a try. Glad I bought this, it was worth the money!!!! my little secret, didn't want anyone else to have this iron but me.
2011-12-21 Tami .... Absolutely love it
2011-12-20 Keelin .... OMG! My mom just bought me one. I am in love.I thought I had a great one before,but now I have the best one in my ever.
2011-12-19 Theresa .... I was at the mall and got a demonstration, my hair never holds a curl. He had it so curly in minutes. The curles was even in it the next day. I bought one and he threw the culing iron in for free. But I was 1 hr curling it and it didn't do like how he did it and my hair was flat within 1 hr. WHAT THE CATCH TO CURLING IT AND MAKING IT SAY? It straighten easy and fast though so it wasn't a loss, I love how it doesn't pull your hair and it heats up so fast.
2011-12-09 Amanda .... I adore this iron. I never thought my hair could be so straight!! :) and it came in my favorite color!!! How awesome is that.
2011-09-25 Kendra .... Bought one and lovin' it...One question, how do you get it to curl your hair?
2011-09-06 Stacey .... I also recently purchased a colorful seasons flat iron from the mall the other day on 9/4/11 and I immediately fell in love with your product when the lady did a demo on my hair. I live in South Carolina where the weather is extremely hot and the humidity is high. Over the years I have tried numerous products on my hair with no success. After 37 years, I have finally found something I have been looking for all of my life to reduce frizz in your product. All the sprays, shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. that "claim" to reduce frizz have not worked for me but your flat iron does. I am very impressed and I will be purchasing more of your products in the future! It is truly a dream come true for me. Thanks, Stacey
2011-08-13 Samantha .... Love this Iron.. does the work in half the time
2011-03-29 Kristi .... I purchased my Iron this week, It took me an hour and a half to straighten my hair with a chi Iron with this Iron it took me 20 minutes and my hair has never been this straight before. I will never use any other iron. The hair products are wonderful as well my hair is softer than it has ever been,
2011-03-28 kassandra .... i just bought the light pink one yesterday at the mall which was way cheaper than online. i love this product, leaves my hair super soft and shinny. my hair is done so quickly its amazing, i truly recommend it ; but buy it at the mall (: also get the serum, conditioner, and hairspray! i love Herstyler
2011-03-10 kacey .... i bought this iron in june of 2008 and it is the most amazing iron ive ever used! i still have and use it daily! it has lasted me forever and still straightens my hair like a charm! i would recommend this iron to anyone!
2011-02-27 Rachelle .... We were at the mall and I bought this for my daughter. Her hair is SUPER curly and we have tried EVERYTHING known to straighten her hair NOTHING worked!!! This straightner is the BEST!! Straightens her hair and you cant even tell that her hair is naturally curly! I would recommend this iron to ANYONE!!!
2011-02-21 stephanie .... i wanted this dam thing so bad.
it is so amazing i recommend it to anyone .
i love mine .
2011-02-14 Hollie .... My husband and I were walking through the mall one day when a gentleman asked if I would give him a few minutes of my time for a hair demonstration. Well, I am always looking for ways to improve my hair so I agreed and after only a couple of minutes I was sold on the product. This gentleman straightened my entire head of hair in less than five minutes and my hair was so shiny and soft I couldn't believe it. I bought one of the ceramic flat irons immediately and the gentleman even threw in a shampoo and conditioner as a gift. I totally love my HerStyler.
2011-02-13 Heather .... these straighteners are the ones where you look like ur straightening ur hair but when its released its a curl, right?
2011-01-29 Sonya .... This curling iron is awesome. I know it is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it.
2010-12-18 Yordanos .... i was at the mall the other day and this one lady who was very nice gave me a demonstration and its unbelievable hoe easily you can straighten and curl your hair with the exact same product and not waste your time!! she did one whole half of my hair in less than 3 minutes!! now i am a complete addict to this product!
2010-11-26 Sarah .... I love this Iorn

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