Are Your Bangs Giving You Acne?

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We have all dreamt of the perfect hairstyle, and having bangs is undoubtedly on top of our list. Maybe you’ve seen it on some celebrities and thought about how cool it would look on you. If you haven’t yet stepped into the world of bangs, check out this HerStyler article on how to pick the best bangs for your face shape. 

However, as chic as bangs may look, many often experience breakouts on their forehead after turning to bangs. If you can relate, stick with us – HerStyler shares all you need to know.

What Is Forehead Acne?

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Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when an oily substance or sebum, bacteria, dead skin cells, and hair block your skin’s pores. It mostly forms on the face, chest, shoulders, upper back, and forehead. Acne may be classified as mild, moderate, or severe.

Your forehead, along with your nose and chin, is part of the T-zone. This area has more oil glands than the rest of your face, making it oilier and more prone to acne. 

Some symptoms of acne include:

  • Whiteheads (also called closed comedones or pimples) – the little, white bumps on your skin are called whiteheads. It forms when oil and dead skin gather in the skin’s pores.
  • Blackheads (also called open comedones) – these are the tiny, black bumps on the skin caused by excess oil and dead skin accumulated in the pores. It happens when there is an irregular light reflection off the clogged pores.
  • Papules – the tiny, red, or pink bumps you see on your skin are called papules. They are typically inflamed.
  • Pustules – pustules are simply papules containing pus. They appear like whiteheads with red rings around them.
  • Nodules – large, solid pimples are called nodules. They are located deep under the skin and often cause pain.

Factors That Cause Acne

You may have been noticing these signs of acne on your forehead before. And you might be wondering about what causes them. Here are some factors that cause acne: 

Hormonal Changes

This is one of the most common causes of acne. When androgens increase during puberty, the sebaceous glands enlarge, causing more sebum. For women, it can also happen before your period. 


Your diet can also affect the hormones in your body. When you eat foods that increase your blood sugar, your body tends to produce insulin. Too much insulin makes your oil glands produce more oil, therefore causing acne.  


Certain drugs can also alter your hormones, increasing your risk of acne. 


Stress may not necessarily cause acne, but it can worsen it. Experts are still looking into the exact reasons for this. 

If you’re curious whether your bangs can also trigger acne breakouts, read on. We’ve got the answer for you.

Do Bangs Cause Acne?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

By now, we have already recognized that oil and dead skin cells, among many factors, cause acne. 

But bangs can also cause your acne breakout. 

When your bangs are covering your forehead like a curtain, it may spread excess oil and dirt from your scalp to your skin. Not only that, but it can also trap substances on your forehead, eventually causing a breakout.

However, this shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t get rid of your bangs or not have them at all. Here at HerStyler, we’re all for having the most stylish hairstyle possible! Always remember that many other factors may trigger your acne – not just your bangs.

Stop focusing on getting rid of your bangs as the only solution to eliminate acne. There are many ways to maintain that dream hairstyle without having to worry about acne breakouts!

How Can I Prevent My Bangs From Causing An Acne Breakout?

Don’t worry, HerStyler has you covered. Here are some ways to prevent breakouts:

Always Rinse Your Hair

Rinsing your hair is the most simple way to prevent acne. Remember always to keep your bangs clean because it lays directly on top of your skin.

Although oil is essential to keep your hair and scalp hydrated, no one wants excessively greasy or oily hair. In addition to its unkempt appearance, excess oils may transfer from your hair to your skin. Moreover, your hair accumulates dirt from your surroundings, which can also get inside your pores.

It is advised that you wash your bangs to clean off excess dirt and oils. However, beware of over-washing. Doing so can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. You might also experience an itchy scalp and hair fall. 

You can shampoo your bangs every day, separating them from the rest of your hair. Shampoos are designed to clean your scalp by washing away sebum, sweat, and dirt.

However, you also have to keep in mind to rinse your hair properly to avoid product residue. 

Be Careful of the Hair Products You Use

You have to be careful about the products that you use. Yes, there is a wide range of products available on the market, but they all serve different purposes.

First, you should know your hair type. Herstyler explains how to identify that here. Using it as a starting point, you can then determine which types of hair products work best on your hair.

Marula Hair Nourishing Serum

Herstyler hair serum

Another product you can try is Herstyler’s Marula Hair Nourishing Serum. It makes your hair soft and manageable, so you won’t have to deal with dullness and frizz.

You don’t have to worry about this serum making your hair greasy! Instead, it makes your hair effortlessly smooth and silky.

Marula oil contains 60% more antioxidants than argan oil, making it effective for getting rid of bacteria, germs, and free radicals. It also rids your hair of dandruff and flakes.

Put 1-2 pumps of serum on your palms before applying it to damp or dry hair. Keep in mind to avoid applying it near your hair roots or scalp. Start on the tip of your hair, then gently go up until the middle of your hair.

Choose a natural ingredients product to avoid doing more damage to your hair to prevent frizzy and dull bangs. 

Cedarwood Oil Shampoo with Tea Tree

Check out Herstyler’s Cedarwood Oil Shampoo with Tea Tree. It makes your hair soft, shiny, nourished, and moisturized. This shampoo also has a much-needed deep-cleansing formula, all without drying your hair out. 

It also adds volume to your hair with its infusion of sage oil. In addition to a cooler hairstyle, it also keeps your bangs from laying dully and flatly on top of your forehead.

Just apply the shampoo to wet hair, then massage it until you see a soft lather forming. Rinse well to avoid residue.

VitaOil Biotin Hair Serum

Having soft hair shouldn’t mean it should be brittle. Try Herstyler’s VitaOil Biotin Hair Serum. This product protects the hair from harmful elements such as sun heat. It makes the hair soft and silky without breaking easily. 

It contains biotin and Vitamin E that are known for protecting the hair.  

You can easily use this product by putting sufficient amounts on your palms and gently massaging it on your scalp. You can scatter it on the hair too. 

Keep Your Bangs Away When You Can

If you’re about to go to the gym for some exercise, you may want to keep your bangs pinned away for a while. Not only do stray bangs distract you from what you’re doing, but they may also trap sweat, oil, and dirt on your forehead!

Let your skin breathe by pulling back your bangs away from your forehead. You can do this when you’re at home. Doing so will allow your face to breathe, therefore preventing dirt and oil buildup. 

There may be instances where you want to go out and still let your skin breathe. Here are some ways to do this with style:

Using a Hairband

If you want a quick fix, you can just grab a hairband and let it do its thing. It does a good job in stopping any hair strand from falling off your forehead. 

There is a good reason why many sports hairbands are available today in the market. Athletes wear it most of the time. It does not only keep your hair in place, but it also gets rid of sweat!

Using Hairpins

One of the most common accessories you may use is bobby pins and hairpins. There are many hairstyles you can try. Sweep your bangs through one side or both sides of your face and pin it with an accessory. And if you want to add a little extra something,  try braiding your hair too!

Using Hair Spray

Keep your hairstyle in place with the help of Herstyler’s Styling Spray! Simply spray it evenly on your styled hair for a perfect look!

Stop Messing with Your Bangs

Avoid touching and playing around with your bangs unless you’re styling them. 

Your hands touch all sorts of things, and they can accumulate grease and dirt. If you touch your bangs regularly, you transfer those grease and dirt to your hair that will eventually touch your forehead. 

Frequent touching or brushing of the hair may also cause dryness. It strips your hair of some essential natural oils. Further, over-brushing or touching may also lead to more damage, such as split ends and frizz.

Observe a Proper Skincare Routine

Woman cleansing skin

Taking care of your skin can make it resilient from dirt that might come from your bangs.

Wash your face daily. This way, you can prevent the dirt from clogging your pairs.

The first part of the routine is cleansing. This step is essential. Do this twice a day. Cleanse your face once in the morning to refresh it. Do not forget to also cleanse before going to bed to get rid of any unwanted elements you’ve accumulated during the day. Washing your face removes your make-up as well.

If you wear makeup, double cleansing is highly recommended. Use either a balm, oil, or micellar water to remove your makeup entirely. Remember that makeup products have high chemical content that can harm your skin if left unattended. 

After cleansing, proceed with using more skincare products that deal with acne — those that efficiently remove dirt and excess oils. 

To prevent an acne breakout, stop being too rough on your skin. Aside from using mild products, you should also avoid scrubbing your skin too harshly.

The second step is using a toner. This skincare product opens up your pores and removes excess oil. 

The third step is to moisturize. Moisturizers help hydrate your skin to make it healthier and smoother. They also prevent too much oiliness and dryness of your skin. 

Remember always to keep everything in moderation. Your skin should not be too oily nor too dry.

You may also want to try out other facial skincare products such as serums and masks for the best results.

HerStyler’s Verdict

Yes, it may be true that your bangs are a factor in having acne breakouts, especially on your forehead. However, that does not mean you should just immediately give up on having bangs.

Keep good hygiene all the time by washing your face and body regularly. You also have to be mindful of the products that you use. It’s better to study its ingredients to know if the products are appropriate for your skin type. 

If you wish to keep your bangs, you may do so by allowing your face, particularly your forehead, to breathe from time to time. There are many ways to have both stylish hair and acne-free skin, like hair bands, pins, and sprays. 

We hope you’ve picked up many tips and information on this article. Always remember, it is just a matter of managing your bangs and your skin well. 

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