Dos and Don’ts of Flat Ironing

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For many people, the flat iron is an integral part of their hairstyling process in order to achieve straight hair. Even though this tool can make hair look beautiful, it can also cause damage it if not used properly. Have you ever wondered if you are using it correctly? Read these dos and don’ts to double check your flat ironing habits.


Upgrade Your Iron

Back in the day, flat irons didn’t have adjustable temperature settings or all the other fabulous technological advances from present time, like tourmaline plates. Nowadays, there are more options that adjust to different hair needs. By using those settings, your hair will be less exposed to damage and burns. Also, be sure to get a good quality iron. It is an investment that you won’t regret.

Use Heat Protectant

When you iron your hair, the heat evaporates its natural moisture and causes frizz, which is enough reason to protect your locks with additional moisture from a heat protectant. This helpful product comes in spray, cream, and serum and it should be applied before styling.

Section Your Hair

To assure that all your hair will be evenly flat ironed, you must section it. Split the hair in the middle and then divide it into smaller sections. Make sure that the sections don’t have too much hair, since the heat will not circulate properly and you will end up flat ironing repeatedly, causing damage.

Use a Comb

Before flat ironing each section, comb it through to get rid of any tangles and to make sure that the iron will straighten your hair accordingly.

Start Flat Ironing Your Hair at the Roots

Once your hair is sectioned and combed, start slowly straightening each strand at the root and towards the end. Avoid flat ironing the same sections more than twice to prevent excess heat damage.

Let Your Hair Cool Down

Once you finish using the flat iron, let your tresses cool down for a few minutes. Cool air enables the style to set in. Also, it lets your hair calm down after an intense hairstyling session.


Don’t Straighten Hair While Wet

You should never use a flat iron on your locks while they’re wet. That will only result in sizzling and burning. Before using the iron, you should thoroughly blow dry your hair.

Don’t Use Heat on Lowest Setting

Logic might tell you that the lower the heat is, the less damage your tresses will have. However, doing this will make you go over your hair many times until you’re finally able to smooth it out. Try a higher temperature so you’ll only have to pass through your hair once or twice.

Don’t Use Extremely High Temperatures

When it comes to hairstyling, it’s better to avoid the extremes. While using the lowest heat setting is bad for your hair, the same goes when using the highest temperature. Coarse hair needs higher temperatures, but color-treated, damaged, or fine hair needs less high temperatures.

Don’t Let Your Hair Sizzle

Leave the sizzling for when you’re cooking. If you hear a sizzle while flat ironing your locks, you could be burning them, which will cause your ends to become dry and split. Avoid this by controlling the temperature settings. If you still hear sizzling and your hair is already blow dried, check for possible product build-up in your hair or the iron.

Don’t Pass the Flat Iron Repeatedly

As we already mentioned, it is recommended to set the iron at a high temperature so there’ll be no need to flat iron each section more than one or two times. The more you pass the iron over your hair, the more damage it will cause. Think carefully if you feel that you might need to flat iron once more.

Have you done any of these dos and don’ts? Which dos do you need to include in your flat ironing process?

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