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There are great opportunities to celebrate love and friendship each and every day. However, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to express all those feelings in an extra special way. That goes along with your look. If you’re not quite sure how to get ready for the occasion (whether if you’re with friends or on a date), allow us to court you with some suggestions that will spice up your style.

Give Some Loving Care to Your Tresses

Hair care is something that should be part of your daily beauty routine, but a busy schedule can take your time away from it. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse not only to look even more gorgeous, but to resume your hair care routine as well. Start by using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair care needs and deep condition with a hair mask. Also, choose hair products that can help you protect and style your locks, depending on the hairstyle you want to create: serum, heat protectant, mousse, styling cream, gel, among others.

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Embrace Love with a Romantic Hairstyle

Because Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of sweetness and affection, your hairstyle should reflect that as well. A romantic hairdo can make you look sweeter and prepare you for Cupid’s bow. You can try a low bun, curls, braids (for example, a side or crown braid), or waves (relaxed, retro, or glossy). In addition, you can get inspired by hairstyles of iconic romantic characters from movies, like Claire Danes’ half-up braided crown in Romeo + Juliet.

Add More Romance with Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to compliment your hairstyle and bring more attention to your tresses. To create a romantic aura, you can wear a flower (the perfect flowers for this occasion are gardenias, peonies, or orchids) with a bun or loose hair, barrettes with delicate designs and rhinestones, or jeweled headbands.

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Finish Your Look with Passionate Details

To complete your Valentine’s Day hairstyle, you can add other details that will make your whole look unforgettable and enchanting. Start by moisturizing your skin and keep your makeup light and glowing, but add a touch of color with passion red or sweet pink to bring attention to your lips and match with the Valentine’s shades. Pick a short, cocktail dress for an elegant, yet not so formal look (a touch of lace always helps when it comes to romance), and a pair of stud earrings with rhinestones for some shine. Finish it up with a spritz of a perfume that contains floral tones.

We hope that we have enamored you with our beauty routine proposals. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll look ravishing and everyone will fall under your spell!

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