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Tangled hair is incredibly frustrating. It happens to everyone – people with straight hair, people with curly hair, people with long hair, and people with short hair.

And it’s always quite annoying.

Usually, tangles can be difficult to fix and it takes time to get rid of them. And not only that – typically, but it can also be painful to get them out and you can damage your hair.

However, there are a few tricks that you can use to get rid of hair tangles. Here are some of the best ways you can do that without the pain and without the damage.

Detangling with a Comb 

Yes, this is the most elementary way of detangling your hair, we know. But, also, it’s the most efficient one.

However, we’re not talking about simply taking a brush and going at it. There is an easy way you can deal with the tangles, but you have to follow the steps.

Here’s how you can detangle your hair with a comb.

1) Separate your hair into parts and use a detangling spray

Although this is not too necessary, it will make the entire process easier. This is particularly important if you have really thick hair.

Simply part it in the middle and then part the left and right sides in half. Secure the parts with hair clips.

Then, spray the detangling spray you use for tangles evenly. There are various types of detangling spray that you can use for this purpose.

Detangling spray can truly do wonders when you’re trying to get rid of knots. It adds an extra layer of protection, as well as conditioning, to your hair. This will prevent you any damage to your hair when you go through it with your comb.

2) Get the right brush

Why is this important?

Well, when you use your regular brush, you can easily tear your hair. Especially if it gets stuck in the knot, and you keep pulling. We’ve all been there – you get so frustrated with your hair that you simply start yanking it this way and that.

But that is definitely not the right way.

So, if you want to work easily through your hair tangles, the first thing is to get the right tools.

A wide toothed comb is perfect for combing through wet hair. However, if you want to detangle your hair while it’s dry, then it’s best to get a detangling brush. Such brushes are made to painlessly remove tangles.

So, wet hair – wide-toothed brush, dry hair – detangling brush.

Unknown woman brushing hair with a wide-toothed brush

But, never ever use thick brushes from the start. That is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Also, make sure that you choose the right brush for your hair type on a daily basis. Using the wrong brush on a daily basis is not good for your hair in the long run.

3) Comb carefully

As we’ve said, the worst thing you can do is start going through your hair carelessly.

Before you start combing, however, go through the sections with your fingers. To be extra careful, you can go one tangle at the time, slowly working your fingers through. It does take more time, but the end result is worth it.

Once you’ve detangled it a bit with your fingers, take your comb.

When you comb your hair, you should always, always, go from the bottom to the top. Never start at your scalp, especially when your hair is tangled.

If there are still tangles that you can’t fix, use coconut oil or avocado oil. Coconut oil is one of the best oils for healthy hair, so you can’t do wrong with using it in this case. But, you don’t have to use too much of it. A little dot on the knot is quite enough to get through it with your comb.

Once you’ve gone through the sections and detangled your hair, you can then use a smaller-toothed comb. This comb will help you find smaller knots in your hair and help you get rid of them.

When you’re done with one part of your hair, put it up so it doesn’t bother you while you cross over to a different one. Once you finish with all of the sections, use your regular brush to go through it one more time. This will “iron out” any possible tangles that were created in the meantime.

Detangling Your Hair with Oil

Using oil is also an effective way of dealing with knots and tangles when it’s dry.

However, there are some drawbacks. Namely, this process takes a bit longer than with a comb. So, if you don’t have time, you might want to resort to other options. Also, many people have hair that cannot be detangled completely when it’s dry. For instance, this process is not particularly useful with frizzy hair.

But, this process is incredibly easy and, if you have time, you might feel like this option is better for you than with a comb.

Woman applying oil to hair

Here’s how to detangle your hair with oil:

  • Divide your hair into sections and clip it.
  • Choose your oil. When it comes to selecting the right oil for your hair, there are quite a few options that could help you detangle and nourish your hair. So, simply make sure you choose the oil which works best for you. If you’re thinking about straightening or curling your hair later, you might want to consider olive oil, since olive oil is quite beneficial and the fatty acids in it can protect your hair from any possible heat damage.
  • Put a small amount on your hands, while your spritz your hair. But, remember, don’t go overboard with the oil as it will simply look awful later.
  • Go through each of the sections with your fingers. When you reach a knot, stop and start working your fingers through from the bottom to the top, holding your hair above the tangle to prevent pain when pulling. You might even use latex gloves, because you can go faster with them without a fear of harming your hair.

Detangling Your Hair When It’s Wet

While oils are most efficient when detangling your hair when it’s dry, there’s a different way to achieve that when it’s wet. Here is how to detangle your hair in that case:

  • Try to detangle the largest/sturdiest knots while it’s dry, first. If you have to, that is, if the knot is too difficult to detangle, take the part with the knot and slowly go through it.
  • Again, divide your hair into sections. While this is not necessary, you should do it simply because it will be easier to go through it. Smaller sections are simply easier to work with!
  • Put shampoo on your hair. Slowly work your fingers through your hair, section by section. Also, you don’t need to change anything, you should simply put the same amount of shampoo you usually put and massage your scalp (while this does not have much to do with detangling hair, it is healthy and relaxing).
  • While you rinse your hair, go through it with your fingers again, removing the remaining tangles.
  • Put conditioner in. Conditioner is incredibly useful to get rid of tangles. And not only that – it works to prevent tangles, as well. Use a high-quality conditioner, like conditioners made with some type of oil beneficial for the hair.
  • Another good thing you can use is a leave-in conditioner. In truth, most such conditioners are simply watered-down versions of regular conditioners. But they are incredibly valuable when dealing with tangles.
  • Dry your hair with a towel. Instead of rubbing your hair with it, pat it gently and squeeze the strands of hair. Start with the bottom and go up until you reach the top. Rubbing your hair vigorously can only worsen the situation. So, try not to do that.

Minimizing Tangling

There are a few steps you can take to actually minimize the possibility of knots and tangles forming in your hair. Doing the following steps frequently will help you incredibly. Also, these are not that difficult, so it truly costs you nothing to do them.

Here’s how you can minimize tangling:

1) Protect your hair while you sleep

Our hair has the annoying habit of getting tangled even in our sleep. This happens quite often and it is particularly prominent if you’re one of the people that moves around a lot during sleep. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening:

First, you can put a satin or silk pillowcase on your pillow. Unlike with cotton, your hair will not stick to satin or silk because they are quite smooth materials. Also, that means that there is less friction, which further prevents your hair from tangling.

Satin pillow

You can put your hair up or braid it before sleep. However, try not to do the same thing every night because this can end up damaging your hair. For instance, put your hair in a brad one night, and then simply put it up in a loose bun the next.

2) Trim it regularly

While a hippy hairdo looks “far out,” it’s actually one of the hairstyles most prone to tangling. If your hair is dry and damaged, you’re more likely to get knots in it.

Now, you don’t have to cut it of drastically to keep it healthy. Simply trim the edges. Removing split ends will significantly decrease the chances of tangles. Also, cutting your hair regularly is quite beneficial for the overall health of your hair.

3) Comb it often

If your hair is prone to getting tangled every time you let it down, you might want to comb it at least two times a day. Use a soft bristle brush to go through your hair once or twice a day. You should do this before you shower and before you sleep.

Again, when you brush your hair, be gentle with the knots. Don’t pull too hard and do it slowly if you don’t want to damage it.

4)   Use the right products

When you’re choosing your styling products, make sure to avoid anything with alcohol in it. Alcohol dries out your hair, which, you’ve guessed it, makes it prone to tangling. So, always go for alcohol-free products.

Also, if you’ve been fighting with knots in your hair for some time, you know that products designed for tangled hair are a must. Sadly, most often, you can’t even hope to brush it without some of them.

Also, you might want to put a nourishing hair mask at least once a week, which will improve the condition of your hair significantly. Hair masks like the Argan Oil Hair Mask can restore moisture and nutrients to your hair, which, in turn, will make it shiny, healthy and well-hydrated.

5) Change your hairstyle from time to time

Most of us simply put our hair up in a ponytail when we need to go out and about, thinking this would prevent tangles. But, frequently tying your hair causes damage, as well as split ends, which can truly make your hair knots worse.

That’s why it is a good idea to switch up your hairstyle from time to time. Now, you don’t have to find a different hairstyle for every day. That can be exhausting, unless you like doing that. In that case, go for it.

In the end, more variety = fewer tangles.

6) Use heated tools in moderation

Yes, we know, it’s nearly impossible not to use at least a blow-dry after washing your hair. Not to mention the other straightening or curling tools you need to use later. But, the fact of the matter is – if you use them too often, they will inevitably damage your hair.

And that’s when tangles attack.

So, try to use your straightening tools and your curling irons in moderation. Don’t use them every single day. Also, when you use them, put them on a low to medium temp setting.

And, another thing – always, always use some type of heat protectant before you style it with hot tools. You can get a spray, a cream or even a serum and it will act as a barrier between the heat and your hair. Another good side of it is that it moisturizes your hair, which will make your hair look smooth.

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