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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran to coloring your hair or you’re ready to take your hair’s color chemical-virginity, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Below you will find a few essentials that you should know before coloring your hair for the first time as well as the fifteenth time.

The Consultation is Worth the Time

It may seem redundant to schedule a consultation with a stylist ahead of time—you may be thinking that you’ll just let the stylist know what you want when you sit in the chair at the start of the appointment and it will be smooth sailing from there, right? Wrong! If you’ve never had your hair colored before or if you’re thinking of trying a whole new color, scheduling a consult is the best way for you and your stylist to develop a line of communication. This is the perfect time for you to explain exactly what you want, and for them to assess your hair and determine the best way to go about it. A consult appointment will only take a few minutes, but will prepare your expectations, which is a much better scenario than finding out that you can’t go from chocolate brown to ash blonde in one sitting.

Your Color Will Fade

Whether your stylist uses a permanent or semi-permanent color, your shade will inevitably fade—or lose its luster, at the very least—at some point. As for those who are highlighting or bleaching your locks, your hair will get brassy. There are all kinds of things that cause a color to change its shade. It can be anything from the hardness of your shower water, the amount of time you spend in the sun, the shampoo and conditioner your use, how frequently you shower or swim, and the list goes on and on! The point is that when your hair does fade or get brassy, don’t be surprised. The number one thing you can do to benefit the color is use products that are formulated for colored hair. If you have blonde hair, get yourself a quality toning shampoo and follow with a repairing conditioner.

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You’ll Need to Get Touch-Ups

Regardless of -how fast you think your hair does or doesn’t grow, we promise that you’ll be due for a touch-up every 6-10 weeks, or so. It all depends on the difference between your natural color and the dyed hair color, or the style you’re going for. If you already know that you don’t have time for a routine color appointment, it may be in your best interest to choose a color that’s close to your natural or go for an ombré style. If you’re concerned or unsure about the new growth, you should absolutely bring it up to your stylist during your consultation.

Don’t Worry About the Cleanliness of Your Hair

A lot of women are adamant about washing their hair a few hours before their appointment—the thought being that showing up at your appointment with dirty hair would be like going to the dentist without brushing your teeth first. However, colorists don’t see it this way, in fact, it is often preferred to a client to show up with dirty hair because it can aid in the absorption of the color.

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