How to Choose a New Wand Curler

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Maybe you’re blessed with naturally curly hair that you simply want to enhance, or, perhaps you’re looking to create a full head of stunning curls with your heat tool. Either way, finding the right hair curler will make your life so much easier and your styling time so much quicker!

But how do you know which is right for you? When you consider all of the things you want it to do (and not do) it’s easy to feel lost. Which barrel size will you need to produce the curl size you want? What kind of curler will be best for your hair type? How much are you willing to spend on a new wand curler? To find exactly the wand curler you’re looking for alongside the answers to all of your questions, just keep reading. HerStyler has done the research for you…

Think About the Curls You Want to Create When Choosing a Barrel Size

Even if you’ve only just begun your research, you’ll be more than aware that there are endless styles, colors, and shapes of hair curlers available today. And, whilst this is great in terms of getting exactly the style you want, it can feel seriously overwhelming when it comes to making a definitive choice!

So, if you’re feeling stuck on how to make a decision, take a step back and think about how and when you’ll be using your new wand curler. Are you looking for one that creates the most glamorous-looking, voluminous curls for evening events? Or, are you searching for a shape that will help you style the prettiest beachy-wave style curls for daily wear?

The answer to that question is really what will help you pick out the best curler for you.

Want to create more than one type of curl?

We have you covered!

Our signature Teflon Herstyler 5p Curler is absolutely perfect for those of you wanting to create a range of different curls in varying tightness and size. As you might have guessed, this premium curler comes with five different sized, interchangeable, clip-less barrels, 9/18mm, 18/25mm, 25/25mm, 25/32mm, and 32/32mm.

5P wand curler

What’s more, this HerStyler curler reaches temperatures of 400°F, has a negative ion technology to eliminate the look of frizz, and features a 360° swivel cord to prevent it from getting tangled whilst you’re creating your beautiful curls. And yes, there’s a heat-resistant glove included, so no more burnt fingertips!

What is Your Price Point?

When it comes to the amount of money you’re happy to spend on your new wand curler, it’s always best to know your price limit going in. There’s no point in browsing through lists of curlers that are out of your price range for starters. Plus, by only shopping through wand curlers you’re actually happy to purchase, you’ll soon discover there are plenty of options out there to suit all budgets!

Let’s take a look…

Choosing a Wand Curler for Shorter Hair

When your hair is on the longer side, it seems there are countless ways to curl your hair, but we’ll come to that. If your hair is on the shorter side, however, there’s way more to consider when picking out a new wand curler.

First of all, you’ll need to make sure the barrel is small enough that you can wrap your shorter lengths around it at least once. Additionally, you’ll want to assess whether or not that barrel size will still create the type of curl you want. After all, just because your hair is on the shorter side doesn’t mean you’ll want to achieve tiny spiral curls.

Now, the type of wand curler you choose is of course totally up to you. However, as we imagine you’re after a little guidance in that area, we recommend getting your hands on a curler with a half, or one-inch barrel for shorter hair.

What do we mean by shorter hair?

Anyone with hair that’s shoulder-length or shorter should get on very well with a curler this size.

And, it just so happens, the HerStyler curlers we have and will recommend in this size are the cutest you’ll have ever seen! The Baby Curls hair curler in pink or purple will look as amazing on your dresser as your curls do in your hair. It has a 9/18mm tapered barrel too which means you can create all different curl sizes depending on where on the barrel you wrap the hair. 

Finally, though you’ll need to check that your curler reaches a decent temperature to secure your curls, gravity is on your side with shorter hair. You don’t have the problem of long lengths weighing down on or pulling out your curls, so, super high temperatures aren’t necessary when it comes to purchasing your new heat tool.

HerStyler curler

Choosing a Wand Curler For Long Hair

As with shorter hair, the type of wand curler you choose for longer lengths will really depend on the curls you’re hoping to achieve. If small spiral curls are your thing, opt for a tapered barrel with a super-thin end, capable of producing those super small curls.

In addition to the shape and temperature of your curler, think about how you’ll curl your longer hair. If you’re only looking to add curls to the ends of your hair, most barrel lengths will work for you. If, on the other hand, you want to create curls that span the entire length of your Rapunzel-esque tresses, pay attention to the length of the wand also. Ensure it’s actually long enough for you to wrap the entire length of your hair around it before parting with your hard-earned dollars!

Now, if something more glamorous and voluminous takes your fancy, make sure you’re looking at wand curlers with larger barrels. In particular, those without a tapered end will produce larger, more voluminous curls with the same width throughout. This type of curl is perfect when you’re curling your hair for formal events, evening commitments, or you just love statement curls for everyday wear. 

Check Out Maximum Temperatures

Ladies with longer hair will also usually find that it’s harder for their locks to hold a curl all day long. That’s because longer hair tends to weigh more. This means that gravity pulls the curl downwards and often causes it to drop out altogether.

To combat this, HerStyler always recommends checking the maximum temperature the wand curler you’re thinking of purchasing reaches. Lower temperatures might produce a great-looking curl at first but you can bet as the day (or night) goes on, your curls will begin dropping out within an hour or two, no matter how much you prep your hair and set it afterward.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your newly formed curls, go ahead and check the temperature settings on the wand curler you’re perusing before you buy it. Many of our amazing HerStyler curlers, for example, reach temperatures up to 400°F. This high temperature means your curls will not only form quicker but will hold for so much longer than ever before.

An added tip? 

Hold those curls in place until they cool!

We recommend using your hand only if you’re wearing a heat-protecting glove, or, utilize some no crease hair clips to hold your curl against your head until the hair is cooled. If you do this for every curl and then let them down at the end, your long hair will stay curly for days.

Choosing a Wand Curler for Thick or Thin Hair

Woman curling hair

Though you may feel lucky enough to be blessed with thick hair, when it comes to curling, thicker tresses can be somewhat tricky to style. Initially, your curls look bouncy and amazing, then, they’re gone before you even had a chance to snap a pic of them!

If you’re nodding along because this happens to you every time you curl your hair, we get you. And, you’ll be happy to know all is not lost. Much like those with longer hair that pulls down on the curl, the weight of your hair is the real issue when it comes to the curl dropping out in record time.

The solution is simple and it’s, once again, all about higher temperatures! Alongside the finish of your heat tool of course.

Looking for the best wand curler for thinner locks?

We suggest researching the finish of your chosen heat tool…

Which Wand Curler is Best For Your Hair Type?

As a rule of thumb, ceramic hair curlers are ideal for minimizing static. These are best for ladies constantly combating frizz, therefore! Meanwhile, titanium or tourmaline curlers work amazingly well for dry, damaged hair with a thin to medium thickness. 

That’s because tourmaline produces negative ions which are kind to your hair. They’ll also lock in moisture to leave the hair feeling smooth and looking super shiny.

Which Wand Curler is Best for Beachy Waves?

With evenings growing longer and the mornings brighter, we’re excitedly turning our attention to how we’ll be styling our locks come summer.

Now, what’s the style we all love to create during the sunniest of seasons? Beachy waves of course!

It’s the ultimate, care-free, summertime hairstyle. It works for everything from work to weekend plans, looks effortlessly stylish, and allows us to wear our hair loose instead of wrestling with uncomfortable clips and hair ties on hot days. What’s not to love?

With this in mind and the fact that most of us aren’t dipping in and out of the ocean each morning, we need a way to create these curls with ease at home. Enter, the best-selling Herstyler Beach Curler wand. 

This incredible curler offers an advanced ceramic coating that is perfect for everyday use. That means, even if your curls from the day before have flattened a little in the night, you can easily touch them up come the morning without the worry of overworking your hair or damaging it. The curler even features two barrels in one. A 19mm barrel for tighter beach curls, and a 32mm for loose, beachy curls.

If all that wasn’t enough, this curler heats up in a handy 90 seconds and reaches a temperature of 356°F. Use this gorgeous curler to create every spring and summer style you’ve been dreaming of. We even love it for adding a few bouncy curls to a half-up half-down do or a cute ponytail for warmer days. 

Could a Straightener Be Right for Your Curls?

Herstyler hair straightener

Hear us out. We know you’re on the hunt for the most perfect heat tool to curl your hair and, of course, there are plenty of incredible curlers out there that will do just what you need. That said, for more than a couple of reasons, a straightener could actually be the answer to your prayers.

Firstly, though the technique can be a little tricky to master, once you’ve gotten curling your hair with a straightener down, you’ll be amazed at how simply and easily you can style your hair into curls. Secondly, straighteners are great for controlling the amount of hair you want to curl as you can hold a fair volume of hair between those plates. Especially if you opt for wide ones. 

Finally, a straightener can be a wonderful option for those wanting to combine all of their heat styling needs into one amazing tool. It’ll save you space on your dresser, it’s a more cost-efficient way to do things, plus, you’ll only need to pack the one styler when traveling to create straight or curly styles as you wish.

So there you have it! All you need to know about searching out the wand curler you need for the style you want to create. Remember to consider the length and texture of your hair, the style of the curls you want to wear, and the temperature you’ll need your curler to reach to help your new style look fresh and intact all day long.

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