Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques For Gorgeous Hair

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Hopefully, when it comes to your hair, you already have all of the basics covered. However, what happens next? How do you turn your regular hair routine up a notch to take it from basic to pro-level?

This is where HerStyler comes in. Read on as we share some advanced hair techniques that will soon have you sporting the mane of your dreams!

It All Begins With a Good Haircut

It doesn’t matter how many expert hair techniques you have under your belt – if your hair isn’t cut in a way that complements it, you’ll struggle to achieve the gorgeous locks that you’re seeking. The right haircut will give you the foundations that you need to style your hair to perfection.

How do you know what the right haircut is? 

This is where your hairstylist’s expertise will come in. They’ll be able to advise you on this depending on your hair type. For example, if your hair is extremely thick, you may want to lighten it up with some strategic layers. On the other hand, flat and thin hair can sometimes look better at a shorter length, with face-framing layers to add volume and movement.

Choose Hair Care Products to Match the Thickness of Your Hair

Sleek Hair Conditioner

Speaking of your hair type…

This is something that you should be taking into account whenever you shop for hair care products. This will enable you to give your hair what it actually needs, making it much easier to style.

If your hair is very thick, then you’ll need products to match. Look for rich formulas that are packed with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, just like the HerStyler Sleek Hair Conditioner. Infused with argan oil, it’ll leave you hair feeling wonderfully healthy. Meanwhile, if your hair is thin and fine, you’ll need lighter hair care products that won’t weigh your strands down.

Condition Correctly

A conditioner is essential for adding moisture back into the hair after it has been washed. However, use your conditioner in the wrong way and you could end up causing harm to your locks.

Understanding how to properly use a conditioner is one of the most important hair techniques that you can adopt. The first thing to focus on is where you’re applying your conditioner. Ideally, keep the product away from your roots. Instead, slather it onto the ends of your hair, as well as your mid-lengths. These are the driest parts of your hair that will most benefit from a conditioner. 

To ensure that every strand receives a coating of conditioner, use a fine-toothed comb to distribute the product through your hair. This will also help with detangling, giving you hair that’s much easier to manage!

Give Co-Washing a Try

Rosehip & Sage Conditioner

Conditioners are often at the center of many hair techniques because this single product can do so much! Co-washing is the perfect example of this.

Co-washing is when you use a conditioner, instead of a shampoo, to wash your hair. It’s ideal for people who have dry or damaged hair since shampoos can often be too harsh and stripping. Simply use your conditioner in the same way that you would a shampoo, ensuring that you thoroughly rinse it out afterward.

If you’d like to give co-washing a try, the Rosehip & Sage Conditioner from HerStyler would be a great conditioner to do that with. It’s a lightweight formula that’s packed with hair-loving ingredients!

Use a Hydrating Hair Serum as a Heat Protectant

Marula Nourishing Serum

If you regularly heat style your hair, you’ll hopefully be aware of how important it is to use a heat protectant. These products coat your strands and receive the full force of the heat that’s applied, saving your hair itself from ending up burned or damaged.

While there are plenty of dedicated heat protectant products out there, one of the hair techniques that professional stylists use is to apply a hydrating hair serum, like the HerStyler Marula Hair Nourishing Serum, instead. This way, not only will you be saving your strands from the appearance of heat damage but you’ll also be treating them to key nutrients that will leave them feeling stronger and smoother.

A Little Goes a Long Way With Styling Products

One mistake that many make when using hair products is applying too much. They dispense a big heap of the product onto their hands and then slather their hair with this, only to end up with hair that feels greasy/sticky/crunchy.

When it comes to hair products, a little really does go a long way. Start off with a very small amount of product and distribute this through your strands. You can then add more – again, a small amount – if needed. 

Towel Dry Then Air Dry Then Blow Dry


How you dry your hair can have a huge impact on your finished look. Rough it up with a towel before leaving it to air dry and you’ll likely find yourself dealing with a messy, frizzy mane once you’re done.

Instead, if you’re hoping for smooth and sleek strands, there’s a specific technique that you need to know…

It starts with towel drying. However, don’t go rubbing your hair with a regular towel. Instead, use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture.

Then, leave your hair to air dry for a while. Wait until it’s about 80% dry before reaching for a blow dryer. Finishing the job yourself, rather than allowing your hair to completely air dry, will give you more control over the end look. Research shows that this is much safer for your hair too. Allowing your hair to remain wet for an extended period of time leaves it more prone to breakages and damage.

Use the Right Hairbrush For Your Hair Type

We’ve talked about how important it is to match your hair products to your hair type. However, you should also be doing the same with your hairbrush. Using the wrong brush for your hair will not only make your locks more difficult to style but you could end up unintentionally damaging your strands.

If you have fine and delicate hair, you need a brush that will detangle your locks without pulling them, just like a boar-bristled brush. If your hair is on the thicker side, boar bristles on their own may not be strong enough to remove knots and tangles. Look for a brush that combines boar bristles with nylon bristles. This way, you’ll have the strength of the nylon combined with the shine-enhancing effects of the boar bristles!

Experiment With Your Part

While some hair techniques can seem pretty complicated, this one is as simple as they come yet can still transform your entire look.

All you need to do is experiment with a new part. It’s so easy to fall into a rut when it comes to your part but changing things up every once in a while will not only make styling your hair more enjoyable but can also be good for the health of your hair.

If you usually sport a middle part, try moving it over to the side. Likewise, if a side part is your go-to, a middle part can be a fun change. Alternatively, go with an even deeper side part to add a touch of glamor to your mane.

Show Your Scalp Some Love

A healthy scalp will give you healthy hair, yet so many people still neglect scalp care. The good news is that changing your habits is easy since scalp care doesn’t require too much extra effort.

Instead, to give your scalp a boost, try adding a scalp exfoliator to your hair care routine. They usually come in the form of a scrub, which you massage onto your scalp after using a shampoo. 

Speaking of massage, this is something else that can really boost your scalp. It will increase circulation, allowing the cells in your scalp to function to their full potential. The result? Hair that looks thicker, longer, and glossier.

Refresh Your Locks With Dry Shampoo

It’s common knowledge that over-washing your hair does more harm than good. You’ll end up stripping away your hair’s natural coating, leaving your hair vulnerable to dryness and damage.

However, what do you do if you’re in between wash days and your hair is feeling greasy and limp?

A dry shampoo can save the day. Try applying one to your roots – it will soak up excess oil to leave your locks feeling refreshed. If you need to do this urgently but don’t have any dry shampoo to hand, baby powder will do the same! 

Consider Extensions Instead of Heat and Chemicals

People often turn to heat or chemicals when they want to add volume and movement to their hair. Whether they rely on their heated styling tools on a daily basis or they opt for a chemical treatment that gives them a thicker mane, all of these hair techniques will, in the long run, only end up damaging your locks.

One way to get around this is by going for hair extensions instead. Sure, the application process may be more time-consuming than whipping a curling wand through your strands but extensions will last for so much longer. They’ll give your hair extra volume and movement instantly, saving you from turning to any damaging treatments.

Stop Over-Manipulating Your Hair

People sometimes spend hours on their hair, concentrating on crafting it to perfection. This isn’t an issue when it happens occasionally but, if your hair seems to require a large chunk of your time each day, this could be a sign that you’re over-manipulating it.

Often, the more you manipulate your hair, the harder it will be to handle. To prevent this, give your hair regular breaks. Have days where you don’t fuss over your hair too much, allowing it to conform to its natural texture and shape. The less you force your hair to do things that it doesn’t naturally want to do, the healthier it will end up looking. 

Advanced Hair Techniques From HerStyler

Hopefully, you now have all of the knowledge and hair techniques that you need to give your locks the extra care that they were missing. Follow the tips that we’ve shared above and you’ll soon be rewarded with a mane that not only looks and feels amazing but is also much easier to manage and style!

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